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How Are Engine Oil Lubricants Made?

Lubes, liquids and even water are being used for lubrication purposes since the Roman era, to reduce friction, minimize heat and stiffness, dispense deposits and clean up the engine or sliding metallic parts. Today, there are way more application scenarios for these lubricants and lubricating brands, not just in the automotive sector, but in almost every industry involving machines and different sorts of engines. The point of concern here is, how are these engine oil lubricants made? Let’s dig up the answer to this concern and feed the natural curious insights of human beings. Engine oil lubricants are mainly tiny components of raw petroleum that is extracted out of the Earth’s crust in yellowish or blackish colored crude oil. This crude oil is a liquid mixture of thousands of hydrocarbons that are extracted and separated at specific temperatures through the fractional distillation process. At first, the lube oil, extracted out …