I never expected that my air conditioner would stop working this year, but it did on one of the hottest days of the year. I was sweating all day because I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I had to open up all of the windows and blow some of the hot air out. The air conditioner was installed by a friend of a friend who had been recommended to me. Unfortunately, he died a few years ago due to an unexpected accident. I had to contact a company for AC installation in NYC, because he was the only person I knew that could have installed a new air conditioner.

Finding a company to get the installation done took a little bit of time because I wanted to be as thorough in researching all of the companies as possible. My husband thought I was putting too much attention into finding a good one, but I didn’t want to pay for a company that would do a poor job on the installation. That would only result in the air conditioner breaking faster and me having to call for more repairs to be done. Eventually I picked a company and called them over for the installation to be done on the weekend.

The friend who recommend the person who installed the old air conditioner ran into a similar problem that I did. Her air conditioner broke on a hot day, but she wasn’t as unfortunate as I was, because she wasn’t cooking. I told her about the new company that I used to install the new air conditioner, and she gave them a call to have one installed in her home. I guess things have a way of coming back around. My friend helped me the first time and this time I helped her.