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How to file a Bankruptcy petition in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is a good place to live in. People prefer to live here because of its calming environment, better employment opportunities, and reasonable standards. If you want to file bankruptcy in Oklahoma, the process is no different from other states. The Federal law of Oklahoma has given the authority to lead the bankruptcy process.

Struggling financially is a part of life. There are many events like this pandemic of covid-19 that can disturb your business and normal lives. To overcome financial losses of your business in such situations, the process of Bankruptcy is highly recommended. Bankruptcy works by unwinding the contracts between you and your creditors. It gives you and your business a fresh start. While filing a bankruptcy petition in Oklahoma, you need to submit all the documents of property you’re keeping in the case.

Process of filing the bankruptcy:

There are two most common types of bankruptcy …


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Broken AC on a Hot Day

I never expected that my air conditioner would stop working this year, but it did on one of the hottest days of the year. I was sweating all day because I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I had to open up all of the windows and blow some of the hot air out. The air conditioner was installed by a friend of a friend who had been recommended to me. Unfortunately, he died a few years ago due to an unexpected accident. I had to contact a company for AC installation in NYC, because he was the only person I knew that could have installed a new air conditioner.

Finding a company to get the installation done took a little bit of time because I wanted to be as thorough in researching all of the companies as possible. My husband thought I was putting too much attention into …